Hiii! It’s my birthday tomorrow, woop! And then I am off to New York for five nights on Sunday. So, this post is basically me asking you guys what you would recommend for me? I’m a Brit, and whilst I have been to New York before it wasn’t really a tourist trip like this one. Tell me where I should eat/drink/visit please :) I am open to all suggestions!

For reference, I am staying in Times Square like the ultimate tourist.

This is not my usual posting style but hey…

So. Not what I would usually ever post here but doing this as a favour for my brother. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and nutrition expert who has started a website to share his passion and advice for both his clients and the general public. If you are interested in wellbeing/fitness/weight loss and all that sort of stuff, please check it out: 

You can also find us on twitter @PowerBodyMind - Whilst I don’t contribute content wise I am in helping him out with the web design aspects and graphics design.

Again, apologies for the shameless plug. Certainly not my usual post here but gotta help the family when I can!